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Property Insurance Services and Packages

Homeowners Insurance

When you consider your most valued possessions, odds are that one of the foremost is the place that you call home. When that place becomes endangered – through theft, damage, or disaster – it can threaten all of the memories and hard work which have made your home your own.
Don’t leave your homeowners insurance to chance. Nielsen Insurance has worked in this industry for over 31 years to help families hold on to their homes, even in the most trying circumstances.

Renters Insurance

When you rent a property, you might feel like property insurance isn’t in your domain of responsibility. When it comes to the property itself, you’re probably right – but not when it comes to your belongings. Get protection against theft and loss with our renters insurance options, which offer protection for everything you actually own.

Contract Insurance

If your business relies on contracts, odds are that you’ll want to invest in contract insurance. If your business fails to deliver on a contract for whatever reason, your client might make a claim – and even in the best scenario, addressing that claim means negotiations, reduced productivity, court time, and even settlements. Contract insurance can provide means of escaping liability for incomplete services.

Multifamily Insurance

If you own an apartment complex or another multifamily arrangement, there are a number of different issues which you need to take into consideration before selecting the insurance that is best for you and your property’s needs. Find the optimal coverage for your complex against natural disasters, bad tenants, and other dangers.

Homeowners Association Insurance

Homeowners associations face a number of liabilities. If your HOA includes common or shared buildings, then you will want the best coverage to insure yourself against damage, disrepair, and other problems that may arise.